The Sun Valley Group of Schools is a public-private partnership designed to fund the provision of quality education for students in the deep south of Cape Town, South Africa.

Sun Valley Primary School is a public school founded in 1976. In 2003, a number of Sun Valley parents requested an Independent Co-educational High School which would operate with a similar ethos. Silvermine Academy High School was opened in January 2005 and presently provides boutique education to more than 100 students each year.

Visit us at Brigantine Avenue Sun Valley, email us on or call +27.21.7852722.

Our vision for our students at Sun Valley Primary School is one of a confident, creative team-player, who is goal orientated and radiates the Sun Valley Primary School core values within any culturally diverse learning community.

Sunbird Pre-Primary School is an independent pre-primary school offering Grade R tuition.

The Music Academy offers tuition in a wide range of instruments. We have experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers. Individual tuition is offered in piano, violin, recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, drumming, voice, tuba, trumpet, trombone and French horn. Group lessons are offered in steelband, recorder, violin and an introduction to music.

Our sports programme is designed to ensure that your child is physically active. Our Sensory Motor (Grade 1 to 3), Physical Education (Grade 1 to 7) and Walk-It-Circuit Programmes take place during the school day. The Academy also offers a private coaching facility and additional sports. Our programme includes Soccer, Rugby, Co-ed Tag Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Golf, Cross Country, Athletics, Junior Sailing, Gymnastics, Surfing, Squash, Dance and Glee Club.

HomeBase is designed to be a home away from home. It's divided into the NEST for Grades 1-3 learners and the DEN for Grade 4-7 learners. The children are signed in every afternoon to ensure their safe arrival and have to be signed out in the evening. The centres are beautifully decorated to provide a pleasant and safe environment for children whose parents are working a full day.

The Teaching Academy is divided into four sections:

  • GAP Teaching Program - Complete a Bachelor of Education degree through UNISA while working and being mentored at the Sun Valley Group of Schools
  • George Whitfield College - We present a 3-year course in children's ministry at GWC
  • The Room Parent Program - The Teaching Academy trains Sun Valley Primary School parents in the skills of Room Parenting. 3 levels of trainig are offered to parents. There are currently 180 trained Room Parents at our school
  • Professional Development - In-service professional development and training for educators